Rugby Link is used by Sydney Junior Rugby Union as the registration system. 

To register your child, you will require the child's height (cm), weight (kg), birth date and proof of age (eg Birth Certificate, Passport)

Thanks to the NSW Government, each family in NSW will be entitled to receive a $100 rebate for each child playing in a registered sport. Please register your child/ren for the $100 rebate here:-

This must be done first. You will then be emailed a unique code from ServicesNSW with your child's name. 

Once you receive the unique code, you can then register with our Club for the 2018 rugby union season


1)        Click our Club's unique registration URL:

 2)    Click "Get Started"

        1. As a returning registration (Login is your email address and you have the option: "Forgotten Login". If the system identifies your child but you cannot log in call 8005 5600 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

        2. As a new participant (Choose "Create a New Account")


 3)    Return User

       - enter your ID and password

       - click "LOG IN"

4)    New Participant / Forgotten Login:

        - under "Create a new account" click "Continue"

        - enter First Name, Last Name, Email address and date of birth (all details is the CHILDS)

        - click "Search"

        - Even if you choose "Create a new account" the system may still find the players details. If found in the system you may need to identify which child

5)    You will then be given a screen showing the Registration Products for your Club ie age group. You can only choose 1 "product" per child. 

        - NOTE: there are certain fields on the Registration form which are mandatory eg Name, Date of Birth, Height (cm), Weight (kg). 

6)    The next screen after you choose "Continue" will either be blank (new registrant) or pre populated (if your child's details were in the system)

        - New participant - enter the child's personal details

        - Returning players will be unable to edit their name and / or date of birth

        - Parent / Guardian details are required for all players under 18 years

        - complete any additional custom fields

        - click "Continue" 

        - "Review" your product and personal details

7)   Accept the Terms and Conditions (otherwise you cannot proceed)

8)   You then proceed to the payment details screen for the registration. The transaction fee is 1.88%. Enter your payment details. The system requires payment individually for each child if you are registering more than one child. The Club has a discount for siblings and this will be calculated when you register the subsequent child.  A confirmation email and invoice will be sent to the email address supplied. 

9)   To register another child, choose "Purchase product for another participant"

        - "Register a new Family Member"

        - create a new record for this subsequent child so that family relationships can be created. If you use an old record you may not receive the sibling discount offered by the Cub.

        - you then repeat the process of payment for this child

       - to register another family member, click "Purchase product for another participant". You will be taken back to the participant selection page. "Select who is being registered". Click "Continue" and perform the registration steps. 


If have any queries with player registration, please contact the Club's Registrar, Lou Davies | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. | 0414 465 128