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SJRU Import Rule & Soliciting of Players

Please Note: This email has gone to all coaches, managers and team officials


IMPORTANT – PLEASE READ (U10’s and above)

It is very early in the season to be having to send this email out already. But we are being made aware of a number of ‘proposed’ mass movements of players that are being tossed around for this season, that if true, will breach the Import Rule.

With that in mind it is timely that we remind all Clubs and Districts of the IMPORT RULE and the regulations on such. We have and will enforce these rules – so please don’t set kids and families up for disappointment. Ask questions of new people turning up to your club training sessions / registrations. Ignorance of the rule is not an excuse, so get on the front foot with this. Once your club has reached their maximum allowable limit of Imported Players you cannot accept any more, those players need to stay at their current club or find another club that has not already filled its Import allocation.

In general, a Club may only accept the registration of a maximum of four (4) Proposed Imports in each age group. Further Clubs may only accept the registration of a maximum of two (2) Imports who are Representative Players or Development Players in each Age Group. This is included in the maximum allowed Imports of four (4).

Similar rules apply to Districts, if players are coming across from other Districts - a District may have no more than a total of two (2) Representative Players, in aggregate, join their affiliate Clubs as Imports. The District may only select two (2) of these Imports in their Representative teams.

We are also hearing reports of Clubs / Districts approaching & enticing players across to their Club / District teams or Academies. This is a breach of our competition rules and offending Clubs / Districts will be dealt with under our judicial process.

Please see below for the exact clauses in the rules (the full copy of the rules can be found at


SJRU policy is that players should play in their local village club and remain playing in that club for as long as is reasonably practical unless there are specific reasons why that cannot apply any longer.

Clubs should, wherever possible, form their own Teams. However, if for any reason a Club does not have enough Registered Players in an age group to form a team then the Club must make all reasonable attempts to form Joint Venture Teams with other clubs in accordance with Rule 3.12. Players are advised that:

(A) They must seek to register with a District/Club in the District in which they reside. Application for dispensation may be made to the Competition Manager. Note that for a player enrolled at a boarding school then the location of the school is deemed to be their place of residence unless they have played for the District/Club for the previous two (2) seasons.

(B) Players seeking to change Clubs may be restricted as the Import Rule prevents Clubs registering more than four (4) Import players in aggregate in each Age Group. Further Representative Players and Development Players seeking to change Districts/Clubs may be restricted as the Import Rule limits Districts/Clubs registering more than two (2) Import Representative Players/Development Players in each Age Group.

District, Club, District/Club/Team Affiliates shall not actively seek to entice players from another District or Club, and to do is considered a breach of the SJRU Registration Policy. Any District, Club, District/Club/Team Affiliate doing so should immediately be reported to the Competition Manager. Any District, Club, District/Club/Team Affiliate that knowingly entices or allows its District/Club/Team Affiliates to entice players from another District/Club may be required to show cause as to why the Offender/s should not be sent to Judiciary for further action.


The intention of this rule is to support the Registration Policy outlined in Rule 3.1.

(A) A Club may only accept the registration of a maximum of four (4) Proposed Imports in each age group

(B) Further Clubs may only accept the registration of a maximum of two (2) Imports who are Representative Players or Development Players in each Age Group.

This is included in the maximum allowed Imports referred to in A) above.

(C) A District may have more than a total of two (2) Representative Players, in aggregate, join their affiliate Clubs as Imports, in compliance with Competition Rule

(A). The District may only select two (2) of these Imports in their Representative teams.

(D) Districts/Clubs are entirely responsible for ensuring their compliance with this rule. Clubs will provide a report based on a template from SJRU of their Proposed Import Players to the Competition Manager no later than the Wednesday prior to the first Home and Away Round of the Sunday XVs Competition. Further, Districts/Clubs must continue to monitor and report to SJRU monthly thereafter on any subsequent changes to their Proposed Imports/Imports.

(E) Prior to the start of each season the Board will establish an Import Panel. Any Clubs/District seeking dispensation from complying with Competition Rule 3.5, must do so in writing to the Import Panel via the Competition Manager. The written request must provide a detailed explanation as to why Imports in excess of this rule 3.5 can no longer play for the Club they were previously registered at, or for another Club or Joint Venture Team within their District. The Import Panel will adjudicate on applications as soon as is practical, but no later than 7 business days after receipt of the application

(F) A Proposed Import may be excluded from the requirements of Competition Rule 3.5 if any of the following apply

i. Where a player moves Clubs/Districts in the previous season, then returns to their original Club/District in the current season

ii. Where a player was not registered with any Club/District in the previous season

iii. Where a player moves their place of residence prior to or during the rugby season and as a result changes Clubs/Districts to one nearer to their new place of residence

iv. Where there is no Team available to the player in the age group within their Club/District subject to the relevant Clubs/Districts and their Affiliates having adhered to the requirements of the SJRU Registration policy and demonstrating that they have made all reasonable efforts to form a team or a Joint Venture Team to accommodate players.

(G) In addition to the Penalties outlined in Competition Rule 3.18, a Breach of this Competition Rule 3.5 may also lead to the following sanctions

i. Club Team(s) and or individual Players not complying will not be eligible for Finals for up to two (2) years

ii. Individual Players not complying will not be eligible for Representative rugby for up to two (2) years

iii. Any Club/District games where ineligible players participate will be deemed Forfeits; and

iv. Non-compliant Districts may not be eligible for the Metropolitan or State Championships.

The Import Panel for Season 2023 will comprise the three Zone Directors on the SJRU Board.



Ben Gregory

General Manager

Sydney Junior Rugby Union

Calling all Minis Rugby Players - Minis Footy Fest is Back

Following on from our successful Minis Footy Fest last November, SJRU is pleased to announce that we will be running another Minis Footy Fest / Super Try-Rugby event ahead of the Waratahs trail game (against Shute Shield sides) on Saturday 18th February at Concord Oval.

The Waratahs will be playing a trial against West Harbour and the Western Sydney Two Blues starting at 3:00 pm and ALL the Waratahs players will be in attendance plus Tahman.

So this is an ideal opportunity for us to host a massive pre-season Minis event for our 5-9 year old players. Starting at 1:00 pm the NSWRU Development Officers and Waratahs players will be running a series of skills, drills and games for our Minis followed by photo and autograph opportunities.

And then all players, parents etc are welcome to stay and watch the Waratahs game.

This is the perfect opportunity for clubs to engage with current and new minis players - Clubs will be able to place tents along the Eastern Side of Concord Oval and stay there for the whole day.


Plus the event is all free of charge.

To register minis players simply need to click here to register

Date – Saturday 18th Feb

Time – 1:00 pm start (arrival/registration from 12:30 pm)

Venue – Concord Oval

Cost – Free of charge


Northern Suburbs Junior Rugby Union

Northern Suburbs Junior Rugby Union Academy - Season 2023

On behalf of the Executive Committee of the Northern Suburbs Junior Rugby Union (NSJRU) I am pleased to announce that this year we will be launching the NSJRU Rugby Academy – with the inaugural program starting Feb 12 and running for 6 weeks.

We are inviting players who want to play reps rugby going forward; played reps rugby with Northern Suburbs Junior Rugby Union over the last few years; or players who simply love their rugby and aspire to improve their skills and fitness and take their game to the next level this season, to register for the Academy.

The Academy is open to all players, boys and girls, from age groups U10 through to U16 (2023) from the NSJRU village clubs (Drummoyne, Hunters Hill, Mosman and Norths Pirates). Players must be registered with their Clubs before they can register for the Academy.

The Northern Suburbs Junior Rugby Academy will be managed by Mike Cross and his team at Trytime Rugby. Mike and his team have extensive coaching experience across all age groups, with Mike having been the head coach of the NSW U19 team that recently won the State Championships in 2022. The NSJRU Academy will work closely with the Norths Seniors Club to include coaching and other resources that will enhance the Academy program.

As noted above, the NSJRU Academy will begin Sunday 12th February 2023, with the first session at Taplin Oval, Drummoyne from 3pm. The Academy program will run for 6 weeks and the cost will be $120 per player. A program schedule will be sent to you once your registration has been completed.

Joining the Academy program does not guarantee rep selection for your child, however, we believe the program developed by Trytime for NSJRU will make all attendees stronger and fitter players for the season ahead which in turn will improve the skills of our players at our village clubs and in turn make our representative teams stronger and even more competitive at the NSW State Champs (both the XVs in June and the 7s in late Sept/early Oct).

Places are limited so, please register early using the link below and secure your (son/daughter’s) place in the NSJRU Academy. (Please ensure that your sons/daughters are registered with their Club before registering for the Academy. If they aren’t registered for their Club then they won’t be able to attend the Academy until their registration is confirmed)

Please contact Ben Richards at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you require any further details or have any questions.


Upcoming Events and Tours

In addition to our unofficial season kick-off and shed opening, Sally Baker is working on some events for pre-season and early in the season.

One of those events will be a pre-season information session (most likely over a few drinks) for Coaches, Managers, AGCs and anyone else who either volunteers for the club or is thinking about volunteering for the club. So if you are likely to be volunteering for the club this season, or think you might like to do so, please get in contact with me so that Sally and I can include you on the list for that information session. It will be important for club volunteers to attend.

The annual Cowra tour is already being discussed and planned for – and Andrew Bunting and Ant Vida are also looking into a potential pre-season tour for our u11s to u14s. Again, more info will follow – but fingers crossed we can get another tour up and running in addition to Cowra.


Mighty U5s

A number of other clubs have approached us to participate in an “Under 5s” rugby program, run jointly with Chatswood, Roseville and Lane Cove. The program would run early on Saturday mornings over at Beauchamp Oval, Chatswood – and is designed to give kids who are not yet old enough to play in a U6 team the chance to give rugby a go.

We first need to gauge interest to work out whether we participate as a club.